What is Mobile Device Lifecycle Management?

No matter the size of your business you’ll be aware of the numerous devices needed for your organisation to operate. With the ever-expanding range of smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets, device turnover, updates and not to mention the responsibility of securing all of those devices – it’s easy to see how an IT team would be left reeling trying to keep track of it all. This is why it can be handy to have a Mobile Device Lifecycle Management plan in place.

So what is MDLM?

Mobile Device Lifecycle Management, or MDLM – is a system of cataloguing, tracking and managing devices within an organisation over the course of their life cycles. It can also involve networking and software too, as well as helping ensure policy, security and sustainability compliance. 

What are the 4 stages of the Lifecycle?

Stage 1: Acquisition

Acquisition is the process of procuring your devices. This includes researching the best suited options for your environment, quoting, selection, purchase and delivery.

Stage 2: Deployment

In this stage organisations start implementing and deploying any new assets/devices into an environment. This would include things like the physical setup, software and hardware configurations.

Stage 3: Maintenance

Now that the devices have been purchased, set up and are running – they are going to require ongoing maintenance. In this phase assets might need updating, repairing, reconfiguration and potentially hot swap replacements.

Stage 4: Retirement and Recycling

Stage four looks at how to retire and decommission assets at the end of their usable and useful life. This process includes proper disposal ensuring your data and security isn’t compromised and responsible device recycling too. 

How can Insite specifically help with Mobile Device Lifecycle Management?

If you’re looking for an agency to help with your MDLM, Insite Communications can partner with your internal team or run the entire system for you. We can guide you through all stages of the process, keeping you on track with our extensive resources, in-house experts and direct access to our partner network.

1. Acquisition with Insite

We have multiple procurement options to suit your needs, such as one-time purchase or an on-demand solution. Throughout this process your pool stock is maintained and we manage stock forecasting to ensure devices are available for when you need them.

2. Deployment with Insite

We offer complete device staging for our clients. This includes welcome packs and return satchels for replaced devices, MDM deployment and door to door tracking. We can also deploy to a project schedule, ensuring any entire fleet refreshes for your company will run smoothly.

3. Maintenance with Insite

Our maintenance services include warranty and non-warranty repairs with hot-swap provisioning if necessary. Some of these options however, will be dependent on the age of the devices.

4. Retirement and Recycling with Insite

Our team can provide assistance with managing user offboarding and device sanitisation for ‘as-new’ redeployment of your assets. We also work with a number of industry leading device buyback programs.

We also offer extra services to help with:

Regular Auditing –  We’ll review your devices that have been deployed but not in use, ensuring maximum return on devices deployed and retired. We offer a complete asset management solution alongside MDM, and we track devices that are in between stages (in transit).

Tailored Solution to align your device policies: We build our solutions by working with customers’ existing mobile device policies, and work with them during the partnership to review and update these. If they don’t exist, we help build them for you. 

If you’d like information about how we can help your business with Mobile Device Lifecycle Management or any of our other services, get in touch with us today.


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