In a complex and fluid sector like the aged care sector, you need your technology to work seamlessly with your people, all day every day. If your staff and residents require the expertise and experience in digital technologies to empower great care and lifestyle benefits, they need Insite.

Insite is helping organisations deliver first-class care across a multitude of sites and environments.

We enable your business to remain compliant with Aged Care quality and safety regulations and we are innovating in the areas of care resourcing, assistive technologies, communication technologies, data collection, location intelligence and security.

Timely and simple communication and access to information from multiple points are crucial to the provision of excellent care. Our solutions help protect your data and ensure maximum network performance at all times to support your digital health services.

Whether it be streaming TV services, life admin services, keeping active or keeping in touch with family and health professionals, we also understand how technology can have an impact on the health, safety and social connections of your residences.

Why use Insite

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