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As your business grows, it needs a strong foundation to build your business technology on. Scalable, adaptable and secure networks tailored to suit your needs perfectly, gives your organisation the confidence to get on with the job, no matter what gets thrown at you.

Being agile and efficient in today’s world gives your organisation a competitive edge.

You need a secure and dynamic network to power your business.

Insite’s network and security solutions deliver quick access to your data so you can respond rapidly to your business needs. Using industry best standards, our end-to-end network and security solutions provide secure and high performance networks to keep your people productive.

Our Network &
Security Expertise


Providing fast and reliable data connectivity is the foundation of keeping your people connected and productive, and your customers engaged. Insite will analyse your usage and propose solutions that are fit for purpose whether that be WAN/Private WAN, internet or a hybrid model.

Why use Insite

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Hybrid Connectivity

We believe in hybrid connectivity solutions that always have built in redundancy to improve your uptime and productivity.

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Wireless Connectivity

Scale efficiently with an all in one wireless network providing fast wireless WAN access for your business. We can help you quickly connect to the internet and get your business or new site up and running.

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Usage & Capacity Planning

We assess your current usage patterns as well as your capacity requirements for the future, delivering the right connectivity for the best price.


Carrier Management Services

We provide carrier management services, including contract negotiation, implementation and ongoing support – connecting you to new opportunities in local and global markets.


Make your network a competitive advantage by ensuring the highest level of network availability, application performance and security to every endpoint and location. Our solutions are designed to deliver fast, resilient and secure networks across hybrid, software-defined and legacy network infrastructures. Supported by highly automated processes and managed services to keep your business agile, secure, and your people productive.

Why use Insite

Design Efficient Architectures

Design Efficient Architectures

We can review your existing architecture, identify areas to improve on ROI or any problem areas. We conduct thorough comparisons with industry best practice and provide recommendations to enhance your network based on your business and technology requirements.



Network deployment is important for every business, whether it is small, medium or large. We work with you to develop detailed network designs that meet your unique requirements. You can then focus on your core business while we build and deploy your IT infrastructure, applications, operational processes and network management.



SD-WAN provides seamless productivity for multicloud environments delivering improved application performance and agility. Our Managed SD-WAN services provide flexible network connectivity options, agility to respond to changing demands, with a rich suite of internet security, remote access VPN, and improved application performance.

Centralised Control

Centralised Control

WAN and configuration changes are made faster with a centralised policy control. Many network problems stem from incorrect configurations, so to avoid costly downtime we monitor your network and assess the impact of changes. Any faults or issues are addressed quickly so you can keep your systems up and running.​

Managed Service Desk

Managed Service Desk

Our managed service desk provides support for your people, sites and day-to-day network activity. We proactively monitor your network and respond to any network issues or security threats. Providing simple and fast network support, our managed service desk will ensure maximum uptime and minimum disruption to your business.


Your organisation creates a lot of highly valuable data as it goes about its day. It is crucial to have the right security applications and policies in place to address constantly evolving cyber security risks.

From the core right through to your endpoint devices, we provide the technology, tools, and controls to help you identify and manage threats and vulnerabilities across your network.

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Network Security

Our network security solutions prevent unauthorized or malicious users from getting inside your network.


Internet Security

Our internet security solutions protect the information that is sent and received in your browsers, as well as network security involving web-based applications.


Mobile Endpoint Security

Our mobile endpoint security will prevent your devices from accessing malicious networks that can be a threat to your organisation. Our solutions can provide you with advanced malware protection and device management software.

Managed Security

Managed Security

Our Managed Security services will proactively monitor, detect, prevent and remediate threats to your company customer data, people and brand reputation.


Wi-Fi is the essence of the modern network. Improve productivity with our superior Wi-Fi network design expertise and our simple to deploy solutions. Our managed Wi-Fi service offering includes proactive management, monitoring and maintenance support. This will provide a strong foundation to take your business performance and customer engagement to the next level.

Why use Insite


Enterprise Grade Connectivity

We deliver enterprise-grade connectivity for your core business applications and operations to metro, regional and international sites, for a fraction of the time it takes to install a fixed data connection.

WIFI-Professional_Wi-Fi_Site_Surveys @2x

Professional Wi-Fi Site Surveys

We design and deploy outdoor Wi-Fi mesh networks to ensure your people and devices are connected and traceable anywhere on your sites.

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Secure Corporate & Guest Access

Professional Wi-Fi site surveys to resolve poor connection issues, identify signal interference and increase coverage.

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Outdoor Wi-Fi Mesh Networks

End-to-end network visibility of your Wi-Fi network with one management dashboard giving us the ability to pinpoint and resolve issues quickly for you.


Centralised Management Platform

Enable corporate access and secure guest Wi-Fi through access points built to your configuration requirements.


Gain Customer Insights

Gain insights using location tracking and analytics reporting, to engage with your customers more closely, improve your business productivity, brand and marketing strategy.


Now more than ever your business needs to respond quickly to the changing needs of your customers. The Internet of Things (IoT) can help. It delivers unprecedented visibility into your systems, processes and people, giving you the insights and knowledge to make better business decisions.

Our game changing IoT solutions deliver intelligent and highly secure IoT connectivity from the edge to the cloud. Take advantage of this improved connectivity to mitigate risks, reduce your costs, improve efficiencies, grow new revenue streams and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Why use Insite


Realtime Location Services

Expertise in real-time location and trace Intelligence through custom mobile applications, wearables, asset tags and simplex to complex geofencing designs.


Machine to Machine

We work with global mining companies and Machine to Machine technology – connecting underground mining equipment to the core network.


Smart Camera & Location Analytics

Smart camera and location analytics solutions, providing real-time location statistics to track your assets improve customer engagement and loyalty across your locations.


Vehicle Fleet Management

With our Vehicle Fleet Management solutions, you can locate, track and manage your entire vehicle fleet in real time. You will be able to obtain real time information regarding compliance and adherence to maintenance, monitoring driver behaviour, protecting your brand and driving cost efficiencies by changing driver behaviour.

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