Start 2024 with a Security Audit

The new year is a perfect time to invest in a Cyber Security audit for your organisation. In the wake of recent Cyber Security incidents like the Optus and Medibank hacking scandals, it’s clear even some of Australia’s largest organisations – with what one can assume would be the most comprehensive security systems, are not immune from threat. The good news is that with the right security applications and policies in place and regular audits, you can work to keep abreast of constantly evolving cyber security risks and keep your company’s data safe.


So what is a Cyber Security Audit?

Any organisation holds a large volume of highly valuable data, be it customer data, sales data, employee data or financial data – and it’s crucial to have robust security practices and technologies in place to protect it. 

A security audit is an assessment of the ISMSsystem, the existing network health, infrastructure and security policies. This is all done to diagnose inherent vulnerabilities that may negatively impact a business or leave it open to breach. 

An audit helps to identify any processes that might be increasing your risk profile and assess what the next best actions are to undertake to mitigate any exposure. This helps to expedite protecting the data, reduce further risk and strengthen business performance so that your business can grow safely.


What are some of the different areas of IT security to be concerned with?

Internet Security

Data transmitted to and from your organisation via web browsers needs to be safeguarded as well as network security for web-based applications.

Network Security

Proper network security can work to prevent unauthorised or malicious users from getting inside your network and accessing your data.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is designed to block unauthorised access to malicious networks that pose a threat to your business’s data. Advanced malware protection and device management software are also important to implement for enhanced security.

Managed Security

Managed Security services proactively monitor, detect, prevent and remediate threats to your company data, be that of your customers, your staff, financial or marketing data.


What would be involved in an Insite Communications Security Audit?

  • At Insite our security disciplines that we assess and review as part of our audit include the following:
  • Patch Management Review
  • Vulnerability Management Review
  • Access Control Management
  • Security Awareness behavioural and simulation testing
  • Risk Management and Analysis
  • Penetration Testing
  • Business Continuity and Tabletop Review

How do we work to manage security ongoing?

  • Insite can help to manage and mitigate any security issues by conducting the following:
  • High performance network design
  • Fully managed end-to-end network infrastructure solutions
  • Security solutions to reduce data breaches and protect against the latest cyberthreats
  • Proactive network monitoring ensures any issues are responded to promptly

It’s important for a business to have a secure and robust environment for its data, from every endpoint to the network and databases. At Insite we provide the technology, tools, and controls to help you identify and manage threats and vulnerabilities across your network. Along with this, we can assist with ensuring that these solutions are scalable, adaptable and tailored to your organisation’s needs. 

If you’d like information about how we can help your business with a security audit, get in touch with us today.


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